Bad Sassendorf / Erleben & Genießen / New Bad Sassendorf

You haven't been there for a long time? Or have you never been to Bad Sassendorf? But then let's go!

A lot has happened, there is a lot to discover and experience. We speak of the "new Bad Sassendorf" - and that is justified!

There are no more dinosaurs and penguins are not at home with us either, but….

Börde Therme Bad Sassendorf
Die Börde Therme eine Oase der für Körper und Seele.
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A Thermal bath which is looking for its own kind
"Like a day at the sea!" - this is how a visit to the new Börde Therme can be described. About 1,000 m² of water invite you to let yourself drift and relax. Newly renovated and modernized, the two indoor and outdoor pools offer massage jets and water taps, and so-called champagne loungers. A special lighting concept ensures a harmonious feel-good experience inside. Outside, the summer lounge offers plenty of space for rest and relaxation.

Sauna visitors also get a very special experience. Within the new graduation tower their will find a spezial sauna in the graduation tower and such a special one is only available here in Bad Sassendorf. While brine water trickles over blackthorn outside, around 20 people can sweat inside. Directly above the sauna there is also a relaxation room, and one floor higher there is also a sun terrace with a wonderful view of the thermal baths and the spa gardens.

The graduation sauna is only one part of an extensive range of offers at the Börde Therme. A new, 60 square meter floating pool also benefits from the close proximity to the graduation tower. This is fed with the high-grade natural brine from the graduation tower and gives visitors a feeling of floating almost like in the Dead Sea. A new panorama sauna with a view of the spa gardens, a boiling hut made of centuries-old Kelo wood, which is up to 90 degrees hot, a two-story rest house and a newly designed, 3000 square meter spa garden offer guests a unique sauna experience.

Let yourself be further inspired!
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A very special kind of adventure museum
Since 2015 there is the "Westälische Salzwelten" as a new highlight in Bad Sassendorf. Again and again, visitors can expect great special exhibitions and new programs on the topics of salt and health. The entire museum invites its visitors to interact and participate, touching and trying out are expressly encouraged! For 2021, the Westfälischen Salzwelten is again offering a diverse program for children and adults. The construction of the new boiling hut and the new salt laboratory is in the final stages ...
A well-developed cycle network with attractive routes
In all of South Westphalia the bike paths were newly signposted 4 years ago. Cyclists will find overview maps with information on the routes and sights at all intersection points. Within the junction system you can easily find your way around and put together your bike route according to your own wishes. But that's not all. In the last 3 years some great themed bike routes have been added, e.g .:
- Westphalian salt route
- Trivelo
- WasserWegeWinkel

Since March 2021 there is also a new bike rental in Bad Sassendorf.

And otherwise?

Not only the major Bad Sassendorfer highlights such as the spa gardens and the Börde Therme have been modernized. No, companies in Bad Sassendorf have invested heavily in the future in all areas, for example ...

  • ... in the hotel industry - from the new guest house at Landgasthof Vogt (district Bettinghausen) to the Hotel Schnitterhof (extensive modernization and new construction/extension)
  • ... in gastronomy with modernization and the new building of "Lino's Eis & Café" in the middle of the spa gardens
  • .... in the rehab clinics with extensive modernizations/remodeling - in all 6 clinics
  • ... in the conference center with a new look and the latest technology

What's still to come?

After the redesign of the Jahnplatz after the demolition of the old pedestrian bridge, further projects to beautify the place are pending in the next few years.

The transition area from the pedestrian zone to the spa gardens and Bismarckstrasse will be upgraded. The renaturation of Rosenau, which has already been implemented in the spa gardens, will be continued further south via Sälzerplatz to Hof Haulle. And there are other plans ...

“The new Bad Sassendorf is taking on ever clearer forms. We are sure that with our mix of wellness and enjoyment we will also reach new target groups who want an active and attractive holiday destination, ”says Mayor Malte Dahlhoff.

So: come over and tell us how you like it!